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Warman® GSL và GSLHD

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    Key features/benefits

    • Back pull out design: Minimum number of larger diameter fasteners allows all rotating and wearing components, including the mechanical seal, to be inspected without disturbing the suction or discharge pipework.
    • Modular design bearing cartridge: Allows simple removal of the entire assembly for maintenance in a clean environment. Split release collar fitted on bearing side of the shaft sleeve making impeller removal fast and simple.
    • Long wear life: Specifically designed for handling abrasive and corrosive conditions found in FGD applications, the GSL design fully utilizes Weir Minerals' long experience in solids pumping and FGD with a design built to last.
    • Lower corrosion in impellers: Specially designed high chromium irons, developed in Weir Minerals' material technology laboratories, combined with optimum impeller vane designs minimise wear in pumps.
    • No corrosion in liners: Natural rubber liners are corrosion proof against acidic limestone/gypsum slurries, avoiding corrosion risks which can plague metal lined pumps, particularly when low pH slurries are left within the pumps when not operating.
    • Long bearing and mechanical seal life: Large diameter, very stiff shaft and short impeller overhand minimizes shaft deflection and so provides excellent conditions for the mechanical seal. Fully protected oversized heavy duty oil lubricated roller and taper roller bearings carry all the radical and thrust loads with unusually high service factors.


    • Absorber Recycle


    • Slurry transportation

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