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Isogate® MP CB

Product code : 559966



    Key feautures/benefits

    • Linatex® Premium Rubber is the standard pinch sleeve wear liner material. A wide range of natural and synthetic rubber liner materials are also available
    • Centre pinch operation and flexible pinch sleeve construction ensure accurate flow control and long sleeve life
    • The robust cast metal body encloses and protects the pinch sleeve and pinch bars while providing initial splash protection against leaking flow media
    • The compact short length design features integral end flange gaskets on the pinch sleeves that ensure leak tight installation into process piping
    • The heavy duty internal pinch mechanism requires low input force for smooth hand wheel operation at maximum working pressures
    • Sleeves are easily replaced
    • Full part design reduces pressure drop and down stream turbulences
    • Bi-directional shut off


    • On/off or throttling control of slurries 


    • Slurry transportation

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